1. Introduction:
    • Welcome to Nambour Chinese Medicine! These terms and conditions serve as a guide for individuals accessing and utilizing our online platform. By using our website, you agree to comply with these terms.
  2. Patient Rights and Responsibilities:
    • As a patient of Nambour Chinese Medicine, you possess certain rights and responsibilities. These include the right to quality healthcare and the responsibility to provide accurate information during appointments.
  3. Appointment and Booking:
    • Patients can easily book appointments through our website by navigating to the “Appointments” section or clicking the Book Now button. We request that you review and adhere to our cancellation and rescheduling policies outlined on the booking page.
  4. Confidentiality and Health Information:
    • Your privacy is of utmost importance to us. Rest assured; any health information provided on our website is handled with the strictest confidentiality. For more details, refer to our Privacy Policy.
  5. Intellectual Property:
    • All content related to health information and educational material on our website is the property of Nambour Chinese Medicine.
  6. Professional Conduct:
    • We uphold a standard of professional conduct for both our clinic staff and patients. Open and respectful communication is essential for a collaborative healthcare experience.
  7. Healthcare Services Disclaimer:
    • Information on our website is intended for general educational purposes and is not a substitute for professional healthcare advice. Always consult a healthcare professional for personalised guidance.
  8. Liability in Healthcare Services:
    • While we strive to provide the best healthcare services, Nambour Chinese Medicine limits liability in accordance with healthcare standards. Healthcare services are offered without guarantees.
  9. Patient Consent:
    • Patient consent is integral to our services. Before any treatment or procedure, we ensure patients are fully informed and provide consent.
  10. Compliance with Healthcare Laws:
    • Nambour Chinese Medicine operates in compliance with local healthcare laws and regulations. Our commitment is to maintain a safe and ethical healthcare environment for all.
  11. Updates to Terms and Conditions:
    • We reserve the right to update these terms and conditions to reflect changes in healthcare laws or clinic operations. Patients will be informed of any modifications through the provided communication channels.
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