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My aim is to provide relaxation, increase body awareness and to create balance with the objectives of promoting health and wellness. This type of treatment is utilized to counteract the pressures of daily life that tend to wear down both the body and mind.
Self-Care is not self-indulgence; it is Self-Respect. 

Meet Heidi Nicholls: A Beacon of Wellness through Massage Therapy

Let’s talk about the wonderful world of wellness and massage therapy with Heidi Nicholls!

Back in 2019, Heidi Nicholls joined our fantastic team, bringing her passion for Wellness Massage and Remedial Massage Therapy. She’s all about helping you achieve the best version of yourself through the magic of therapeutic massage. Whether you’re dealing with pesky tension, a nagging injury, or just want to keep your body in tip-top shape, Heidi’s got you covered.

Imagine this: you walk into Heidi’s serene space, and it’s all about you. Your needs, your preferences, your comfort. She’s a pro at tailoring each Remedial Massage to suit your unique requirements. If you love light pressure or need a bit more intensity, she’s there to ensure your experience is nothing short of perfect.

And let’s not forget the marvel of relaxation. Throughout history, folks have known that massage is like a direct ticket to Relaxation Town. When you’re relaxed, it’s like a symphony of goodness inside your body – improved blood circulation, the gentle flow of your lymphatic system, a happier nervous system, and even a boost to your immunity. Taking time for some deep relaxation isn’t just a treat; it’s a way to recharge your batteries without burning out.

Now, Heidi’s not just a massage aficionado. She’s also a proud parent to a daughter who brings endless joy, and she’s got two adorable fur babies – a dog and a cat. So, when she’s not easing away stress for her clients, she’s probably having some furry cuddle sessions or sharing giggles with her daughter.

In a world where life often zooms by in a whirlwind, Heidi’s here to remind us that taking care of ourselves is a priority, not a luxury. So, if you’re ready to indulge in a bit of relaxation, unwind those knots, and embrace a wellness journey, Heidi Nicholls is your go-to guru. After all, you deserve to shine bright without burning that candle at both ends.

Qualifications and Licenses

Diploma Remedial Massage

Massage & Myotherapy Australia (M&MA) member number: 039273

Areas of expertise



Counteract Daily Pressures

Stress Relief

Feeling Refreshed